Whats in a pic??

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God knows whats the magic captured in a pic.Quite true that a pic emotes thousand words.Perhaps its leads to a psychological transpose into a world different from the one in which we harbour.Makes us nostalgic..Is that it?May be, for me a pic holds an extended significance.It acts nothing short of oxygen for me, given the reason , that i am a man who lives more in the past than in the present .Whenever i flip throught the old pics of school, there is a sense of victory when i see myself flanked with friends ,whose importance in my life has still not withered a bit.They are still as much close as they were before, and i thank God for that.
But at the same time, i find myslef barely managing to remember names of few ones with whom, my acquaintance is limited to just a orkut scrap here and there.A lot of promises had been made of staying connected in the parting days and what is left now, are the vague images of them and nothing else.A sense of guilt occupies me,overwhelming enough to put me in the escapist mode.Hence, what i do, is console myself by assuming this is the part of the entire list of compromises one makes throughout one's life.
Why is that the face in the pic, unfailingly looks happier , than the one in mirror.Is it just a misinterpretation or an edification of the fact the past is always rosier than the present. A constant reminder that worse is yet to come!Such thought-process may be a natural result of a myopic and pessimistic mindset. And yes, i admit from the core of my heart , that i am one....
I am sure most of us may not be so introspective while observing the pics.This is quite natural as there are better ways to consume time than examining a pic. But for the rest, a pic holds a special meaning. It acts as a bookmark of life.
we do not 'see' pics...we 'visit' them!


What's In A Name ? said... @ September 16, 2008 at 1:35 AM

Populate this place! Fast! :)

ritz said... @ April 2, 2009 at 2:20 AM

dats why u try to capture everythin .....even the kababs in a 8X10 tasveer .....:)

FlotsaM said... @ April 2, 2009 at 11:52 PM


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