Welcome to the jungle

Published by FlotsaM under on 12:26 AM

We try our best to make things as perfect as they were before...but can ever re-construction be complete...What was, can never be what is...Somewhere in the middle of all this fun and frolick, an emptiness exists.. a hollowness reminding of ur failure in not living upto the past.In this madness and confusion, we surely console our brooding conscience by labelling us as 'happy'. After all, we all have this innate talent of good dramatics and false potrayal.But that is what human nature is all about. Desperate attempts to find out comfort in the most turbulent periods, and complaining about anything and everything , in the happiest of times.
Weclome to our make-believe world!

P.S -This is not a blog nor it is intended to tickle the intellectual senses of the readers.It is just a mad flow of emotions that needed to be flushed out.