The Poignant Puff...

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Thanks to Anbumani Ramadoss, october2 would be remembered for a reason more than just the birthdate of Mahatma Gandhi. This day witnessed the smoking ban being carried out with aplomb in almost every part of the state. But somehow, this ban has exposed the creepy truth about the indispensable contribution of the smoking community to the Indian economy.Had that not been the case, why dont we see a complete smoking ban. What has come out from the stables of Ramadoss and his supporters are a half-baked set of rules, that can be moulded and mildewed. The intention of writing this blog is not to figure out the apparently glaring loopholes of the ban, or vent out the frustation of all the smokers who are still trying to come out of the stupor created by the ban.
There is certainly some amount of magic captured in the stick, and the poignant puff. For, it has equal number of takers as it has haters. The non-smokers term it as addiction, and we donot have any problem with the tag as far as it serves its purpose. Be it joy, grief, frustation, nervousness or just idleness it acts as a virtual spectator to life's every emotion. For all those individuals who are at sea, deciding over whether to take up smoking or not, let me tell you that it is less vicious than all the typical addictions a common man can get a hand to, the other two being drugs and love. Why is that the best and most private disussions take place more in the smoking zones, than on the floors. Why is that you share a certain degree of trust and loyalty with whom you are sharing your stick. Why the word "Adda" seems so hollow without the cig and a cup of tea. A glass of beer or a delectable meal seems so tasteless without a couple of fags. There is more than just a puff of smoke going into your lungs and coming out. A simple act of sharing a cigarette( or "counter" as we say) has so many unsaid bonds woven in it. When a Kingsize or Classic gets lit up, the college life flashes past our eyes, where a small goldflake was always shared by 2-3 people. How can such an insignificant and a poignant stick be a testimony to such a beautiful phase of our life!
The smoking community harbours a variety of followers. Donning the moguls' cap are the 'Chain-smokers', who breathe more smoke in a day than air. Then comes the regular smokers who appreciate smoking, but not to a level of labelling it as the greatest necessity of life. Finally, we have the reprehensible batch of "Occassional smokers", who bring nothing but shame to the community. With their fluctuating scruples deciding their inclinitaion or apathy for the smoke, their fidelity is always put under the scanner.
My sincere condolences for all the passive smokers of the world. The ugliest but truest analogy of such a situation would be of a person conracting an STD without ever getting an opportunity to consummate. But with terrorism and economic slowdown stealing the limelight, they can divert their concern, rather than being dysphoric over a feeble puff of smoke from a passer-by.

The topic of smoking health hazards and the reasons for implementing the ban is redundant. Somehow, the secret unexplained joys derived from a fag seem to outweigh the fact that it takes away 3 seconds of your life.
So, as Sanjay Dutt puts it in 'Kaante' : "Collar ko thoda sa upar chadhakey, Cigarette ke dhuey ka chhalla udhakey"; lets not think too much about the side effects of the ban, for the smoke will find its own way into the lungs of its followers.